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Coin collectors invest in coins for many reasons. Some coins have value based on their historical value or rarity, whereas others have value based on their precious metal content. Types of coins that collectors may seek out include: 

  • Scrap silver coins (90% silver)
  • Rare misprints
  • Uncirculated coins
  • Antique coins
  • Gold bullion coins
  • Silver bullion coins
  • Limited edition and rare mints

Value of Junk Silver Coins

Junk silver coins are one of the most popular with investors since they can be purchased relatively affordably and sold for the price of their silver content. Junk silver refers to silver coins containing 90% silver, with common examples including US half dollars, dimes, and quarters minted before 1965. Despite being assigned the denomination of 50 cents, half dollars in particular can bring a considerable profit. Some commonly sought-after junk-silver coins include: 

Coin Type Dates Value
Kennedy Half Dollar Pre 1965  $7-$15
Kennedy Half Dollar 1965-1969 $5-$10
Ben Franklin Half Dollar* 1948-1963 $12-$125
Washington Silver Quarter* 1932-1964 $7-$65

*also has historical value

Value of Rare Misprinted Coins

Sometimes, government mints make mistakes and release coins with misprinted faces. Although these coins are typically caught and prevented from being released, some make their way into the public and become rare and sought-after commodities by collectors. Many misprint coins exist, but some of the most popular and coveted include: 

Coin Type Description Value
1972 Lincoln Penny Double Die with no mint mark – gouge above D in “UNITED” Up to $500
2007 Presidential Dollar  Featuring George Washington, misplaced lettering or missing lettering $50-$3,000
1970-S Lincoln Penny Double Die on “LIB” and “IN GOD WE TRUST”, small date, minted in San Francisco Up to $3,000
1969 Lincoln Penny Double die on full heads side Up to $35,000
2004 Wisconsin State Quarter Extra leaf – regular version has only two leaves $250-$300
2001-P New York Quarter Double die twice on heads side Up to $400
1982 Roosevelt Dime No mint mark above date $30-$50
1943 Steel Penny Only penny printed in steel $0.45-$10

Value of Gold Coins

Gold has always been the standard against which all other precious metals are measured, and has continued to remain a lucrative investment since its discovery. Today, gold coins bring some of the best prices on the market, and are highly valued both for their gold content and in some cases, their historic value. More valuable and rarer than silver coins, count yourself lucky should you stumble upon one of these beauties. Some popular US gold coins include: 

Coin Type Value
1 oz Gold American Eagle Coin Starting at ~$2,000
¼ oz Gold American Eagle Coin Starting at ~$500

How to Price Your Coins

If you have a rare coin collection and have been wondering what it could be worth, don’t bother spending hours trying to figure it out yourself. Online resources are hard to navigate and frequently include misleading information, so doing your own research can be difficult and lead to dead-end results. If you want an accurate and fair estimate of the worth of your collection, bring it to our experts at David Ellis. One of the most trusted jewelry and coin buyers in the region, our team has appraised and priced countless coins and is always up to date with market trends. 

Once you know the worth of your collection, you can choose to preserve it and keep it intact, or sell it for a profit. If you choose to sell, David Ellis will give you the best prices you’ll find, offering competitive estimates to all our customers.

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