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Precious metal coins are a well-known lucrative investment, but they aren’t the only type of currency that can be bought and sold for a pretty penny – so to speak. Legal tender can’t be melted down for its metal, but even if they could, selling your quarters and nickels for the price of their purity wouldn’t bring in much of a profit. Collectors seek out coins from around the world to round out their collections and will pay incredible prices for the rarest and most sought-after coins. 

At David Ellis, we have been buying and selling foreign coins for decades, and have developed a keen eye for quality and rare coins. We appraise personal collections and offer competitive rates for valuable foreign coins. If you have a jar full of foreign coins or a collection and want to know what it’s worth, the David Ellis team can help you get the most accurate estimate and will offer you an amazing price to take it off your hands. If you are seeking rare coins to add to your collection, David Ellis can help you locate anything on your wish-list. 

Why Collect Foreign Coins?

Foreign currency is still currency, so even if it can’t be used in your home country, it could still gain you a profit. Some foreign coins are valuable only based on their denomination and can be exchanged for USD or your currency of choice. Foreign coins can be exchanged in your country of origin, but many coin collectors prefer to travel to the country itself to have their foreign currency exchanged since this often offers the best rates. 

Old or rare foreign coins are valuable thanks to their historical relevance or scarcity and may be bought and sold far above their monetary denomination. Coin collectors, museums, and even government mints seek out rare foreign coins, often to sell at auction or to display in personal or public collections. 

Popular Foreign Coins

Wondering whether some of the coins you have could be worth something? Take a look at your collection and see whether you find any of the following types of coins: 

  • Chilean pesos
  • Early African coins
  • Early Indian coins
  • English pennies
  • Mozambican metical
  • Nepalese rupees
  • Panamanian balboa
  • Roman aureus

Why Buy & Sell Coins at David Ellis?

As lovers of fine jewelry, rare coins, and precious antiques, the team at David Ellis is extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic about buying and selling items like foreign coins. When you bring your coin collection into our store, we treat your coins with as much care as we would our own, and meticulously inspect them to give our customers the most accurate appraisal. We’ll never mislead you about the worth of your coins, and strive to offer the best prices for rare items that you’ll find anywhere. We know the worth of your collection and want to honor it, which is why you’ll never leave David Ellis feeling short-changed. 

If you are a collector and looking to add to your collection, a visit to David Ellis can fill a ton of empty spaces on your wishlist. One of the most well-respected jewelry, coin, and precious metal buyers in the region, we have been offering customers the best prices and selection of rare items for decades. Our inventory is constantly changing, with exciting new items coming in every single day. No matter how many times you visit our store, you’ll never find an end to the exciting coins we have in stock.