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Silver and other rare precious metals have been used as currency for centuries, in many cases, quite literally becoming ‘money.’ Silver coins are highly resistant to corrosion and rust and possess excellent tensile strength to prevent denting and bending, giving them a long lifespan. Today, silver coins remain some of the most sought-after precious metal items on the market, a popular investment among hobby collectors and financial investors alike. 

At David Ellis, we have been investing in silver coins, jewelry, flatware, and bullion for decades, helping to establish us as one of the region’s most trusted jewelry stores and precious metal buyers. After appraising thousands of silver coins, our team has the experience and expertise to accurately price even the rarest silver coins, and offer the best and most competitive prices for your silver items. 

Silver Rounds vs. Silver Coins

If you are new to buying and selling silver, you will come across two important terms: Rounds and coins. Often mistaken for one another, silver rounds and silver coins are both made from silver formed into small discs and printed with some pattern or design. This is where the similarities end. 

Silver coins are high purity, relatively expensive, and are produced by a government entity, making them official legal tender. Silver coins will always have their purity and denomination printed on their face, and their weight and value is backed by the issuing government. 

Silver rounds are, for all intents and purposes, the same as silver bullion bars in that they are only valued based on their weight and purity. Silver rounds may have a pattern or design stamped on their face, which includes information to establish value, but is not legal tender and does not have a denomination. Silver rounds are less expensive/valuable than silver coins but are a great way for beginners to start investing in precious metals. 

Silver Coin Purity

Silver is used as a key ingredient in the manufacture of a variety of coins, but not all coins that contain silver are equally as valuable. Some coins contain as little as 35% silver, making them far less valuable than those with more than 99% purity. Silver bullion, fine silver, or .999 silver is the highest and most valuable grade, and coins made from .999 are considered the best and most stable investment. 

When a customer brings their silver coins to David Ellis, we’ll assess everything – including purity – to determine and set the right price. Silver bullion coins are quite rare, since most government mints only have one type of pure silver coin in circulation, and often in limited supply. Because of this, silver coins bring excellent prices, and are highly prized and sought after in the industry. Silver bullion rounds are more common but less valuable and are an affordable way to begin investing in precious metals. 

90% silver coins, sometimes called junk-silver, may not be as valuable as silver bullion coins and rounds, but they still contain that precious metal that we are all after. Because of this, even low-purity silver coins can bring in a good profit when sold in bulk. 

Expert Appraisal

If you have silver coins to sell and want to guarantee you get the best price, bring them to David Ellis for a detailed appraisal from an experienced precious metal expert. Offering the best prices in the region for silver in every category, you won’t find a more trustworthy and comfortable way to sell your silver anywhere else. 

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